Road description

Adress: Andbjørg Jamesons veg 3

The Student Cabin lies in Bymarka, close to Gråkallen hill, about 15 min from the town by car. Our closest neighbor is Skistua, 3 min walk from the cabin. There you also find our closest bus stop.

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How to get here?

  • Car: Road from Byåsen butikksenter up past Skistua. About 10 min.
  • Public transport (NOTE: All buses to Skistua is canceled for the spring 2020)
    • Tram to Lian + walk: Many trips all day. About 1 hour (4,5 km) nice walk on tracks through the forrest up to the cabin.
    • AtB bus 26: Runs at 10am and 2pm from the center on week days. During weekends every hour between 9.50am to 2.50pm. Last trip on saturday at 4.30pm and on sunday at 3.50pm. Return from Skistua about 25 min later.
    • The cabin bus: Drives you to the Cabin on our opening days tuesdays and wednesdays during the semester.
  • Bicycle or walk from Byåsen butikksenter: Nice trip of about 1,5 hour.