Road description

Adress: Andbjørg Jamesons veg 3

The Student Cabin lies in Bymarka, close to Gråkallen hill, about 15 min from the town by car. Our closest neighbor is Skistua, 3 min walk from the cabin. There you also find our closest bus stop.

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How to get here?

  • Car: Road from Byåsen butikksenter up past Skistua. About 10 min.
  • Public transport
    • Tram to Lian + walk: Many trips all day. About 1 hour (4,5 km) nice walk on tracks through the forrest up to the cabin.
    • AtB bus 26 to Skistua: Runs at 9.50am and 13.50pm from the town center on saturdays. Sunday every hour between 10.50am to 2.50pm. Returns from Skistua about 25 min later.
  • Bicycle or walk from Byåsen butikksenter: Nice trip of about 1,5 hour.