The Cabin can be rented with a chef and bar by students and student organisations. Everyone can apply, but in case of colliding dates NTNUI groups will be prioritezed. If your organisation is not primarily for students you may still apply, but bookings can be denied based on our capacity.

For the fall 2021, we are almost fully booked We have a few spots for events on weekday without sleeping over.

We are now open for bookings for the spring of 2021. We primarily rent out on thursdays and fridays, but we will also consider bookings for other days in specific cases. Saturdays and Sundays are our openings days, and is not available for bookings.

Note that we have a bar and a serving permit, so you may NOT bring your own alcohol.

FOOD: We offer food at decent prices, prepared by a chef at The Cabin or ordered through our catering deal. Below you see the menu of fall 2020.

CORONA: We of course take the current virus situation seriously and therefore have several restrictions and routines in place. Our max capacity now is 68 people for events and 32 beds for overnight stays (50 when using extra matresses). Cabin staff not included. Alcohol is served at the tables and we encourage people to reduce mingling. Our saunas is open with reduced capacities of 6 persons at a time, and the hot tub is unfortunatly not available. We wish to have nice events at The Cabin also during this time, so please get in touch so we can find out how we best can organise your event.


All booking applicatons has to be sent by e-mail. See requested information below.

Smaller events (<30 ppl.) should be booked at least 4 week in advance.

For larger events like parties we have an application deadline in the semester prior. After the deadline we will assign the final dates and inform you within two weeks. The deadlines are:
October 20th for events in the spring (Jan-June)
March 31st for events in the fall (Aug-Dec)

During exam periods The Cabin organises exam readings and the availability for booked events is reduced.

NTNUI groups are prioritized, but other than that all applications before the deadline are given equal priority. There is no ranking based on application date. You can still apply after the deadline for dates that are not yet booked. Normally most events will get their primary date, but we can never guarantee a specific date before the deadlines.

To book the cabin, send an e-mail to, containing the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Name of the organisation
  • Possible dates for the event
    • For larger events: Three dates in prioritized order
  • How many du you expect to participate? How many want food and/or to sleep over?
  • Do you want sauna for your event?
  • Do you want hot tub for your event?
  • Other comments/questions?

FAQ Booking

Do we have to book The Cabin to visit?

You need to book if you want The Cabin to be reserved exclusively for your group or you want to visit outside our opening hours. Your group is welcome to visit (up to 60 people) during normal openings and in this case you don’t need to book, but in order to plan food and beds we wish that you send us a message on e-mail or Messenger with an approximate number of people a few days in advance.

For shorter events with small groups (<30 people), like meetings, after-training dinner or similar we offer a reduced price. See “dags-/kveldsleie” in the price list.

Why deadlines and three prioritized dates?

The Cabin is popular and we wish for as many student organisations as possible to be able to enjoy The Cabin. In order to acheive this we need to plan the dates of the events. This is easier to do when everyone applies before a given deadline and provide several possible dates so we don’t have to message back and fourth between groups to find the best dates.

We try as hard as we can to give all organizations their first priority date, and will contact your group if this is not possible. If you miss the deadline, you can still apply, but applications before the deadline are prioritized over applications after the deadline.

How many guests, and how many can sleep at the cabin?

We normally have a capacity of 150 people for events and 45 beds available in the 2nd floor of the cabin. During corona this is now reduced to 68 and 32. Up to 50 can sleep over by using extra matresses.

Can we rent the cabin exclusively any other day than Thursday and Friday?

We normally don’t accept full events on other days, but send us a request with info about the event and we will consider it based on our schedule and capacity.

Short events with under 30 people (“dags-/kveldsleie” in the price list) can normally be booked all days except regular opening days.

Who can rent the cabin?

Groups and organisations can apply for exclusive events on specific dates (thursdays and fridays).

Studenterhytta NTNUI is run by NTNUI, the sports organization for students at NTNU. NTNUI groups are given priority, but we are available for booking from all students and student organizations in Trondheim.

Organizations or companies that do not represent or include students may also apply for rent/use of the cabin, but such applications will be evaluated by the cabin board on an individual basis. Students and student organizations will always be prioritized.

What food can we eat?

We offer a variety of served food at decent prices, either prepared by a chef at the cabin or through our catering deal. See menu above.