Week 16

Do you already miss the winter? Because of the recent cold weather, Bymarka is again covered by snow. If you are sick of the rain down in the city then you should come up to the cabin today! Today’s dinner is going to be BBQ pulled pork with rice noodles. If you can’t come today, what about tomorrow? Wednesday we are serving fishcakes with vegetables and white sauce.

This weekend we will have a pancake buffet as always on Saturday and our special Sunday brunch will be consisting of a fish pre-course, chicken for the main dish and panna cotta with mango as a delicious dessert! As always, there will be a vegetarian option to all the meals as well. Hope to see you there this week!


Spring Openging

Spring is in the air and Easter is finally over! We are resuming our usual business, so if you want a delicious meal then you should come to the cabin today, where David will be making an amazing vegetarian lasagna! Take some time off before the hassle of the exams become too much and relax with us up at the cabin


Great news! We’ll be open during easter!

We’ll be open during easter afterall!

Gustav, our beer and sauna guy, has canceled his easter holiday with his parents far up in the mountains somewhere – so he could hold the cabin door open and the fireplace firing and the grill grillin’ during easter!

So, we’ll be open for (almost) regular offer from thursday until sunday!

Our chef has his own holiday, so on a rare occasion you can bring your own food to participate in an easter barbeque. Gustav will try to arrange some traditional norwegian easter traditions and do some traditions his family does as well (this is for americans; egghunting!) Prepare yourself for one of the silliest skiraces in Norway (gaukrenn!) or read for the upcoming exam at hytta.

Either way, we’ll be open and it will be fun! So if you’re in town – come up and celebrate easter! If you’re heading out of town – Cancel, and go back to Studenterhytta!


Hope to see you there! Happy Easter!

Week 11: Kvistingen

Great news. This weekend will be one of the best weekends for enjoying the outdoors. The weather forecast says clear skies. Our suggestion this week is to explore the lake Kvistingen. And while you are there you can also take a visit to last weeks destination, Storheia, or explore Bosbergheiane.

Week 11: Kvistingen

PS: I will not be in Trondheim until after easter, so this will be the last post in about 4 weeks.