Week 7: Marka Rundt

This week, our suggestion is “Marka Rundt.” If you are not already registered for this 40 kilometer cross country race, it is too late now, but don’t let that discourage you from going out in Bymarka and cheer the contestants on. Bring a group of friends, sit down, eat a good lunch, and watch the contestants struggle to get a good position. After the race is finished, you can also try out the course.
Marka Rundt usually goes around all of Bymarka, but because of last weeks rain, the snow conditions are quite poor in the lower parts of Bymarka. This year, the route will therefore be 3 laps of a 13,3 kilometer lap instead. See below for a map of the route.



After cheering the contestants on, why not eat dinner at Studenterhytta.

Wet and wild at Theisendammen

It’s Friday, and time for a new destination. Since this weekend will be quite mild with a lot of wind, we have picked a destination closer to the city, Theisendammen. Bring waterproof clothing if you are planning on going there this weekend as there is quite a lot of water on top of the ice.

Week 6: Theisendammen

Valentine’s Day 2015

Love is (soon) in the air! ❤️

Do you have a plan or maybe a date for 14th February? Doesn’t spending Valentine’s Day in a cabin with a warm fireplace and sauna sound romantic? And some crosscountry skiing in wonderfull Bymarka.

Studenterhytta is open Saturday 14th February, and we offer romantic movies, popcorn, and some other activities!❤️

Go to this event and stay updated for activities:
Valentine’s Day at Studenterhytta




Did you know that Trondheim has a love guarantee?
Read more about the project in this link (norwegian text):
Kreative Trøndelag Kjærestegaranti.