Week 22: Dreiers minne

Nestled between the steep north-west side of Geitfjellet and your typical Trønder-marsh, lies Dreiers minne. It is a small cabin built right into the mountain, and it is quite a treat to find.


Since half the fun is finding the way yourself. X-marks the spot:

Once inside, you can sit down, relax, and read about the rich history of this place. Good luck, and waterproof hiking boots are recommended.



Week 19: Skylark B

Today marks 70 years of peace in Norway, after World War II ended on May 8th 1945. To commemorate this, or just visit a nice place in Bymarka, we suggest going to Skylark B. This was the site of secret radio communications during the second world war between Britain and some students at NTH. Open the PDF for a detailed description of how to get there.

Week 19: Skylark B

Examreading summer 2015

No reservation needed, come and go as you like!

We’ll announce here if all the seats are taken.
However we would advise you to buy tickets through Hoopla for cheaper prices!
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Wouldn’t it be great to study in the same building as where you sleep? To get served dinner every day? And, at the same time, have the best hiking areas Trondheim has to offer just outside your door?

Then you should consider bringing your books (and yourself) to Studenterhytta NTNUI. When exam-anxiety comes creeping (directly translated from Norwegian), it’s nice to find peace in the nature of Bymarka and within a warm cabin. Our large fireplace lounge is converted into a study room, where all students of Trondheim are welcome.

If you’re tired of your curriculum, you can relax with a hike in Bymarka or just a refreshing study break out at “Trondheim’s best view” – deck. Play “Sauna Ludo” in the steamy sauna, and connect with both yourself and others through late night card games. Many students swear by studying for exams at the cabin both for the tranquility and social life in the evenings.
During the exam period the cabin works like a lodge housing collective. The chef cooks dinner every day (served at 15:30), and morning/lunch/evening food. Food is arranged by volunteers among the residents.

If you have any questions, of if you’re just wondering whether the cabin is fully booked, simply ask us: you’ll find our phone and email by clicking “About the cabin” at the top of this page.
Note that all who have been a cabin volunteer three days or more during the semester sleep for free all semester. This is also true for the examination

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– – – – – Prices valid for Spring 2015 – – – –

Prices valid for the exam period of spring 2014: We recommend all our guests to pay for the all-inclusive: All inclusive*, per 24h from 10am to 10am: 220, –

220,- All inclusive, as from this year it will only be possible to buy full days. However if you buy more days it will become cheaper (only possible on Hoopla)

*Meals are prepared by guests.
**Meals are prepared by our chef.

As a guest you agree to the terms of using the cabin. In general it says that all guests has to help keeping the cabin open by eq. doing dishes, clean and set the tables, prepare breakfast and late supper. You have to do minimum one task per day. The responsible from the board can within reason claim guests to help.

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Week 16

Do you already miss the winter? Because of the recent cold weather, Bymarka is again covered by snow. If you are sick of the rain down in the city then you should come up to the cabin today! Today’s dinner is going to be BBQ pulled pork with rice noodles. If you can’t come today, what about tomorrow? Wednesday we are serving fishcakes with vegetables and white sauce.

This weekend we will have a pancake buffet as always on Saturday and our special Sunday brunch will be consisting of a fish pre-course, chicken for the main dish and panna cotta with mango as a delicious dessert! As always, there will be a vegetarian option to all the meals as well. Hope to see you there this week!


Spring Openging

Spring is in the air and Easter is finally over! We are resuming our usual business, so if you want a delicious meal then you should come to the cabin today, where David will be making an amazing vegetarian lasagna! Take some time off before the hassle of the exams become too much and relax with us up at the cabin